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2007 Exige supercharger setup

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I am planning to upgrade to the BOE Rev 400 supercharger setup this winter and selling the current setup. Includes pulley, belt, brackets, etc. The injectors, intercooler, and ducting were all purchased in April 2013 and have 2k miles on them. The supercharger has 12k miles, same as the car.

OEM M62 supercharger
OEM intake manifold
Bosch EV-14 525cc injectors from BOE
RLS black intercooler and mounting brackets
RLS black intercooler pipes
RLS black aluminum heat shield with gold foil
Custom made 3 chamber intercooler shroud and ducting from side scoops, basically the same as RLS sells but not carbon fiber parts.
Includes the roof scoop to intercooler shroud ducting. Previous owner cut holes in it for NACA ducts from roof, through rear window, but these have been covered since I opted to use the side scoops for additional airflow.
Includes a 3" or 2.9" pulley, I'm not sure which is on the car right now.

With this setup (and aftermarket header) I made 304whp at BOE with their FastWorks software and a dyno tune. Very solid setup, just looking for a little more power from a bigger supercharger.

Asking $3500 for everything. Willing to split supercharger and intercooler setups if I have people willing to buy each separately.
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