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So this 2007 Exige is my first British car (Japanese drive train granted). Ive heard tale of British cars and how much attention they demand to keep running. Keep in mind summers are rather short in Seattle, and the dealer has a backlog of like a week. So then I dont know what to think of this:

Im driving along on a nice day, 4th gear about 3k rpm, and the power cuts out! I restarted after a couple of minutes, car restarted and drove fine (CEL on solid) about halfway home then died in the middle of an intersection. I restarted it and the rpms were revving quickly from 500 - 3500 rpm. Then would die with any amount of gas pedal movement

This happened on my moms car which is a 1zz Matrix, in this case it was a bad ECU replaced under warranty (under 80,000mi.) But there was no chance of it running ok after the RPMS went haywire

I let the car rest about 10 to 15 minutes, and thought Id try another start because thats what any tow truck driver would do. Started up and drove home fine!
I bought a scanner and it was throwing P0638 & P2104. I researched those and realized it's probably the A/c relay issue (covered nicely on this forum) as I had the a/c on and or Ethanol issues.

Then it hit me: I filled up at shell stations ever since I bought the car, and this was the 1st fill up at a 76 which has a higher Ethanol content Fuel, which I heard the most recent ECU flash has an update for.
I next thought maybe something in the intake? Filter clean, and a little bit of oil in the intercooler piping, which Im looking into catch cans but thats a different story.

So I thought Ill start with the cheapest and easiest stuff first. I removed the wash fluid bottle, and hit the inertia reset, started it up, put the bottle back in and Voila! The car turned the CEL off by itself and acted fine. I put a gallon of Shell + octane boost to hopefully overcome the suspected Ethanol issue, drove a few miles and all was fine!

I was backing the car out of the garage today, I went from reverse to neutral, and the motor killed itself like day 1. It restarted (CEL on again) acted and drove fine, I put 2 more gallons of Shell in, drove around some, got home and this code is a P0441. So I need to check for leaks, and make sure I have an OEM gas cap, but in anyone's experience could octane booster and different fuels cause a P0441?

Also in my experience things dont need a reason to fail at the same time unrelated to each other; its often the case

So do these sound like British quirks? Id like to get the car into the dealer for peace of mind, but with their backlog, should I just run the current tank down, refill with Shell, get a new a/c relay, Multi-function relay for good measure, and see how it behaves? If it seems well, I think a Kold fire tune would be a good update..
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