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2007 Lotus Exige S 220 Ardent Red

Track Pack and Starshield only

300 miles! New - never registered.

Go to Smith Lotus to see numerous large images of this Exige

The first question I assume anyone reading this post is going ask is "What is wrong with it?" Absolutely nothing!

"Why are you selling it for for a mere $50K then?"

Here is the answer:

I am the Lotus sales person/webmaster/resident Lotus nut at Smith Lotus in San Luis Obispo, California. (You may be asking why I am telling you about myself rather than the car at this point -- hang in there -- I am getting to the car.) I hired on at Smith Lotus about 4 months ago. Even though Smith Lotus' owner, Brent Smith, is an avid Lotus racer and Lotus enthusiast, last year his Lotus dealership took a back seat to setting up an independent Porsche store. For 2007 Smith Lotus (part of Smith Volvo) only had Volvo sales people. You can imagine the result. So when I signed on with Smith the goal was to get Smith Lotus going again.

The result of having no Lotus salesperson for over a year was that Smith Lotus had two Exige S 220s sitting around all of 07 and now we are at mid-08. Now the 240 S is out and every Exige buyer is focused on the 240.

This is a pre-mid-07 price increase car, the MSRP is lower than later 07s, but still a substantial savings from MSRP.

Ultimately, we have to make room for the 08s we have ordered.

Why should you consider a new 220 over a new 240 Exige?

1. Money saved

2. Many sports car buyers think the more they spend the faster they will be. The fact you are here at a Lotus forum means you probably are not buying that line of reasoning. However, it is worth considering that the 220 is capable of delivering performance most drivers are incapable of using due to a lack of driving skill. (I will be be the first to admit it. I am in that group.) Most Lotus shoppers don't consider that the top-end cars are perhaps more than they can really handle. Lotus cars are capable of allowing the novice driver to improve his/her skills. The car is designed for driver growth. The advancing Lotus driver does not need to move into another car once new skills are attained. Buy a less expensive 220 and spend the savings learning how to drive from a professional instructor who can teach you how to get all the performance out of your new 220.

3. Now that you know how to drive and explore the limits of your 220 you can begin planning the modifications you want to have done to make your 220 a street legal Cup 265.

Okay you read my discourse - call me if you want the car -- we are selling it this week.


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