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2007 Lotus Exige S and 2007 Lotus Elise for Sale

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2007 Lotus Exige S
New; Never titled; has 135 miles on it - Storm Titanium; Performance Pack; Star Shield; Touring Pack. MSRP $64,245

2007 Lotus Elise - Type 72D Edition
New; Never titled; has 85 miles on it; Starlight Black; Hard Top Sport Pack; Star Shield; Touring Pack. MSRP $60,085

Must Sell - Make Offer

May send me a PM if you are interested. Thanks, Mike
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IIRC, the performance pack was part of the launch edition when the Exige S was first introduce in 2007. All were in Storm Titanium and it included LSD w/TC and possibly track pack...I'll have to look it up tomorrow. Again, IIRC, you couldn't even order this option and was only available on launch cars for Exige S only.
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