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This car was previously listed on Lotus Talk, purchased by a close friend a year ago, and enjoyed for about a year and ~3000 miles. He is now selling the car to upgrade to a.... Porsche. I will be facilitating the sale for him as a long time exige owner/freak (@ameliaexige on instagram). The car is located near Atlanta, GA. The car is very nicely modified with many nice components to make the car more enjoyable (stereo upgrade especially), and in MINT condition. In my friend group we have quite a few Exiges and this is by far the best condition, especially for one with so many nice modifications. This car passes emissions in Georgia with no problems despite the decat, throws no codes). Very smooth riding for an Exige.

The car has ~9,900 miles, mileage may go up a tiny bit but car is not really being driven right now.

$63k with Stock LSS Wheels (not the Hethel Forged pictured, I have attached a photo from the previous owner of the LSS wheels and their condition.) The car will also come with a Carbon Fiber roof from Greg's Race Parts which is only in a few of the photos. Price is fairly firm and I think fair for the condition, modifications, miles, and current market.

The car had a service at the beginning of the current owners time with the car, and should be ready to go for quite a while.

I am available via PM/post and can follow up in text with fly by videos, driving videos etc.

More information on the car, some from previous owner.
Removed clam(s) for all work
Coolant Flushed
Full detail while body removed, all dust, dirt, oil, grease, and debris removed front to back (2020, car is still fantastically clean)
Front inlet ducts aluminum taped shut to improve HVAC performance
Fresh transmission fluid, flush - Valvoline Manual Transmission Gear Oil + GM additive
Fresh brake fluid, flush - Motul Brake Fluid RBF600 (DOT4)
Wheel Alignment
Spark Plugs
Fresh tires (< 3000 miles on them)
Fresh Suntek clean vinyl on front, all OEM clean vinyl removed
Replaced rubber trim on front turn signals and roof
Cams inspected for wear
Replaced coolant hoses front and rear (almost all blue except for engine to/from and radiator to/from. Sill lines not replaced.
Airbags removed (passenger airbag and airbag computer included in sale)
Wing replaced (see below, OEM Exige S wing included)
Rear panel eliminated (OEM Exige S rear panel included)
Front lip replaced (OEM Exige S front lip included)
Fully detailed paint restoration including claybar, 4 stage polish, wax, and sealed
Garaged, non-smoker, weekend driver
Never tracked
The car has ZERO issues. Runs perfect, is very fast, handles well.

The A/C WORKS and BLOWS COLD (especially compared to other Exiges). The fan speed adjustment works just fine. During the "clams off" work I got down into the area where the controller board is located is cleaned it out so it is good to go.
The remote door locks work fine.

The exhaust is LOUD. There is a decat pipe and no catalytic converter. Used c/c can be obtained online fairly cheaply if that is your situation. It shoots flames, cracks and pops etc, especially once you are pass cam switchover.

There are no airbags. The OEM steering wheel was sold. The OEM airbag computer is removed but included. A Bluetooth amp now lives where the OEM airbag computer used to live. After all the recent airbag recalls I no longer trust airbags and won't reinstall them. The car has properly installed Tillett race seats and 6-point harnesses.

The OEM seat belts are installed but not connected at the center tunnel. All parts are included to restore the OEM seat belts.

The OEM toolkit is included.

The car has never been dyno'd, but in the range of 250-300 WHP like all other Exiges with the mods below.

From the previous owner:
"Totally possible I am forgetting something in the details. Definitely skipping over things like building a custom, properly fused, relayed, and insulated wiring harness for the stereo and gauges. Or how extremely cool the hidden Bluetooth amp is and how great the upgraded speakers sound compared to a stock setup. Or the year's worth of time and effort that go into making a like-new, problem-free Lotus Exige S a reality."

Defects: 1 small rice-sized paint chip in each rear wheel (spoke), 1 quarter sized paint chip repair on the lower corner of the rear clam between rear wheel and exhaust area (completely out of sight unless you are laying on the ground next to it). All included in the pics.

All parts purchased new
  • All-Alloy Motorsport Radiator (single pass)- 42mm core
  • GRP v2.0 smoked tail light kit
  • Moroso coolant expansion tank
  • Goodrich Stainless brake lines front and rear
  • BWR door striker kit
  • BWR SS undertray hardware kit
  • Roof and roof panels liner replaced with black alcantara
  • BOE Torque 300+ ECU flash
  • BOE HO Exige 3.0" pulley + belt
  • Bosch EV-14 injectors
  • ITG Cold Air Box w/ 3" MAF
  • Radium Engineering Dual Catch Can
  • Replaced OEM radiator shroud - B122K0001K (old one was full of water spots)
  • Raceseng Slammer in Blue Translucent
  • GRP Contoured Aluminum Side Skirts
  • Difflow Railer Jr. Aluminum Rear Diffuser
  • Tillett B6 Screamer Carbon Fiber Driver side
  • Tillett B5 Carbon Fiber Passenger side
  • BOE QS Exhaust
  • OMP Targa Steering Wheel, Suede, 330mm
  • NRG Removable hub + Short Hub Steering Wheel Adapter Kit
  • Mk4 Aluminum Triple Gauge Panel Single-DIN gauge holder
  • Custom 3M DiNoc Carbon Fiber Vinyl wrap shifter cage, button box, and cupholder
  • A116A0147F Cover, tunnel front, parallel, RHD
  • BWR decat + O2 socket
  • OEM manifold and BWR decat pipe coated in Swaintech White Lightning
  • MWR shifter stiffener
  • BOE Toe Links- 1/2link-NAS
  • BOE Rear Motor Mount
  • BOE Front Motor Mount
  • JBL GTR-104 Bluetooth Amp
  • JL AUDIO C2-525x Evo 5.25" 200W 2-WAY
  • JL AUDIO C2-600X 6.5" 200W Eliminator
  • V3 Odyssey PC680 Battery + CTEK Harness
  • Rubbertite floor mats
  • Silver carpet buttons
  • Transforged Wing Plugs
  • APR APC-200 carbon fiber rear wing
  • APR Carbon Fiber Front Lip
  • Schroth Flexi 2x2 6pt harness kit - Driver and Passenger
  • Nukey
  • BOE Wet Sump Oil Pan V1.1
  • All lighting upgraded from OEM - front/side turn signals, headlights, and license plate LEDs
  • Carbon Full Mohawk Roof by Greg's Race Parts
  • GARW IC7 Digital Dashboard wired with backup cam.

OEM stuff included:
  • Rear wing
  • Front lip
  • License plate panel
  • Airbag computer
  • Stock Roof
  • Stock Dashboard
*OEM items are somewhat large. I will have everything professionally boxed up but the buyer will be responsible for shipping costs on these items.

VIN: SCCVC11187HL80886

This Exige is fantastic. If I was looking for a long term hold (too bad I already own 1 Exige!) this would be the car. Current owner photos.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Land vehicle Car



Photos from Previous Owner showcasing more of the build and paint chip repair:


And a photo with the Stock black LSS wheels it will come with:

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quite a few inquiries but still available at the moment. thanks for all the positive comments!

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when you mount a wing like that are you hurting the structure? is it reversible without body work?
you are putting a couple small holes in the clam for the mounting screws, but no you are not hurting the structure. There is a support structure built inside the trunk to support the wing as a part of the package and transfer load to the chassis. If you were to remove it it would require someone to fill the small holes.
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