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Bought this in august of 2019 with 19,956 miles. and barely have driven it currently sits at 20465 garage kept. car is equipped with arctic silver, touring pack and star shield, no LSD or track pack. read all about LSD vs non-LSD like I did before saying one is better than the other. there's a reason I found a car with the non LSD. From august to now, I've extensively worked on the car with meticulous detail. I have about 22k in parts and modifications. Car is perfect both keys, tool kit and manual. As soon as I bought it I had it a 2 stage polish and ceramic applied. If you guys have any questions about the car let me know the car really is pristine, even as low as the car is the underside is fantastic. I had it up on jack stands and removed the underpans and cleaned everything. The OEM front lip has a few MINOR scratches that aren't visible when installed. The carbon one is perfect, never been scraped, hasn't even seen 100 miles. The car runs perfect. needs nothing, everything works as it should and aside from the coolant tank, new OEM coil packs, and new NGK iridium plugs, the motor is bone stock, the coils and plugs were replaced as cheap insurance. I had a lot of plans but I'm moving out to the west coast and all the toys have to go. all parts were purchased brand new from vendors on this forum and everything has around 600 miles or less on the new parts. I also have an extensive spreadsheet documenting every nut and bolt replaced and when and at which mileage. The only thing the car needs is an alignment and corner balance which I will have done as soon as the weather clears up. I gonna price this at ($69k) ($66k) price drop to $63k the modlist also reflects that the monolites are not included with the car anymore. not in a hurry as I don't leave until summer, I do not want to part out the car and will only sell it as it sits. I have all the original parts minus the things that would never be put back to stock, like the shifter assembly and shift cables. everything else I have. I am located in Northern Virginia

here's a build thread: Street Build 2008 Exige S240

link to dropbox as I'll add videos and photos of as much as I can to show the car and it's condition.

I know I'm missing some things, but

here's a mod list:
Bridgestone RE-71R 205/45/16 and 245/40/17
Blackwatch Racing Adjustable Front Sway bar with endlinks
Blackwatch Racing Penske Non-Adjustable Coilovers
Blackwatch Racing suspension hardware
Blackwatch Racing door pins
Blackwatch Racing stainless diffuser hardware
Blackwatch Racing 0.125” spacers
Inokinetic TLUkit
Inokinetic Battery Cutoff switch and DEKA ETX20L
Inokinetic outer toe link ball joint
Inokinetic BULLETstud Kit w/Yellow nuts
Inokinetic Girodisc CUPdiscs
Inokinetic Girodisc ULTRAdiscs
Inokinetic RE-ENFORCER
Inokinetic Shiftr111+
Inokinetic GScable
Inokinetic CGcable
Inokinetic Bollock shift know M10
Inokinetic Switch panel for Shiftr111
Inokinetic LETSLA cable adapters
Inokinetic niftyLIFTY
Inokinetic Exige Carbon Fiber front lip
Inokinetic boot organizer
GRP Tow Hook
GRP GT Tail lights
GRP Wheel caps and new emblems
GRP Carbon Fiber Side Scoops
GRP Carbon Fiber HVAC Surround
Radium Engineering Coolant Expansion Tank 1.1Bar Cap 20-0270-01
Radium Engineering Dual Catch Can Kit 20-0019
Porterfield R4-S Front Brake Pads and Rear Pads
Titanium front brake shims
Titanium rear brake shims
Enamel front Clam "Lotus" Emblem
Powdercoat Diffuser by American Stripping Co.
Toyota Air Filter 17801-YZZ03
Bosch Icon 24A
G2 Caliper Paint(BLACK W/yellow AP RACING)
Toyota of Cleveland new OEM Ignition Coils
NGK BKR7EIX Spark Plugs
FTP foot rest delete floor mats
Lotus of Indianapolis ORDER #4180063 Swaybar brackets
Lotus of Indianapolis ORDER# 4299478 HVAC control panel
JL Audio C2 525x
JL Audio C2 600x
Kenwood Excelon KMM X503
Jim Clayton Speaker Rings
Steele Rubber fuel door stopper
Elise-Shop camber shims and license plate leds
Elise-Shop Carbon fiber Exige S2 rear wing
Diode Dynamics Parking and Interior LED's 194 HP
Dynamic side repeaters
Divine Handcraft plaques and decals
OEM Lotus Sport Windshield Banner A128B0093F
Outer Plus / Shine Auto Project Side sills
MWR Rear Lift Point Kit
GRP GFwilliams Alias23 mirrors
Works Bell Boss cover
Works Bell Short Hub
Works Bell Rapfix GTC
OMP Trecento Scamosciato
Eliseparts Alloy Satin Signal Stalks



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Since I haven't received my monolites from Stacy and Shinoo, Inokinetic was kind enough to refund my deposit so I can lower the price of the car. I've lowered the price accordingly now at $66K. Big thank you to Stacy and Shinoo at Inokinetic. Great vendors, great products and even better people! thanks @shinoo. also added link to dropbox for photos, I'll add them as I can get them.

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What a phenomenal car! If I didn't already have my Elise, this is the car I would have purchased because you made all the upgrades I made, and then some! I have all your Inokinetic upgrades and a good number of your GRP and Blackwatch upgrades. That is one heck of a car in stock mode, and with the upgrades you've made it's sensational. And yes, Stacy and the folks at Inokinetic are awesome. I got confirmation from them today that my Monolite wheels have shipped, so I'm thrilled. They are a real class act at Inokinetic. And best of luck with your sale!

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Just chiming in on a gorgeous example. I was following your build thread. Sorry your parting with it, but someone will pick up an amazingly sorted "Modded right" car.


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Free bump for a very much loved car by its owner. I see myself from 4 years ago when I was contemplating whether or not selling my car due to the move cross country. You might be able to recoup your installation costs if you part out and revert back to original, without reducing your market value or asking price. I got a lot of insulting offers by buyers and dealers a like, it galvanized me to keep my car no matter what. Best decision I made about my car. I drove cross country from east coast to west.
The rest is history and my car is still making me smile today. Good luck with the sale and I hope you change your mind.
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