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2008 Exige S240 - Phantom Black - 10K Miles [SOLD]

Car is sold. Thanks!

I have decided to sell my Phantom Black 2008 Exige S240 with Track and Touring packages. Overall condition is excellent; mileage is 9,5XX. The car is slightly modified (details below) but can in all cases be easily returned to stock if the new owner chooses to.

**The Tillett B5 seats and CF side scoops were added after the attached photos were taken - - I will add more recent pics this weekend!**

Price is firm at $SOLD.

Location: Birmingham, AL

History: I purchased the car in December 2017 from Nuccio Auto Group in Chicago (now Motorcars USA) and am the second owner. The original owner lived in S Florida and was a forum member here. As I understand it, he traded it in towards a more conventional car and that dealership sold it to Nuccio, who replaced the front rotors / pads before listing it for sale. This is my second S240 - - I sold my first one shortly after my wife and I had our first child in hopes of finding something a bit more practical. After brief stints in both a Carrera GTS and an E92 M3 I found myself still longing for the Lotus… I bought this one.

At one point I was able to connect with the original owner who relayed that he adored the car and had enjoyed it for 7,500 absolutely trouble-free miles. The oil line recall was done during his ownership.

You might have seen my car listed for sale here previously by British Racing Group.. They brokered the sale of my previous Exige but as many forum regulars will know, dropped off the face of the earth several months back.

  • Lotus Sport Cup wheels (purchased via a group buy on the forum) - OEM wheels NOT included
  • Tillett B5 seats in carbon fiber finish w/ optional seat pads - OEM seats NOT included
  • BOE TQ300 ECU tune - original ECU map will be provided to new owner
  • Walbro 255 fuel pump
  • Bosch EV-14 injectors - OEM injectors included
  • ITG 3” cold air intake / filter - OEM airbox included but is cracked
  • Larini SC Sport exhaust - OEM exhaust included
  • CF front spoiler lip - OEM piece is included
  • CF side intake covers (wide) - OEM pieces are included
Exterior: I had the entire car repainted shortly after taking delivery in Jan 2018. After finalizing the purchase, I arranged to have the car shipped from Chicago to Birmingham in an enclosed trailer. When the car was unloaded I noticed what appeared to be a small (approx 2” square) section of clearcoat damage on the left rear fender. It wasn’t necessarily a big deal (I seriously considered leaving it as-is) but ultimately I decided to have it repaired. It took around two months for the work to be completed due to parts availability and an unbelievable amount of wrangling between the shipper, the dealer, and my insurance company. During that time I decided to have the whole car repainted (rather than the rear clam only) as there were miscellaneous other rock chips, swirl marks, etc that come with the territory of driving a very low, very black car and by this point I wanted it to be perfect. There was no fiberglass or other damage found, and the color code used is the correct Phantom Black shade.

Long story longer, I think that the exterior of the car presents better than a hypothetical, otherwise identical car with similar mileage. I do also understand that a repaint is concerning to many buyers - - the best that I can do here is to be as transparent as possible. There is nothing related to it on the CarFax and I will provide all receipts to the new owner.

Interior: As with most Eliges there is some wear on the side sills from getting in and out of the car. The backlighting on the AC controls no longer works. Otherwise the interior is in great shape, and the nearly brand new Tillett B5 seats look perfect.

Tires: 4 R888s installed 1,500 miles ago. Approx 75% life remaining.

Service: During my ownership only basic / minor service has been required. Within the past 6 months I have performed the following:
  • Oil / filter change
  • Accessory belt change
  • Spark plug change
  • Air filter change
  • Uninstalled 3M clear bra cut to fit the Exige - front, side sills / rear fender area, and areas immediately behind rear tires that are prone to rock chips
  • All OEM “take offs” mentioned above
  • Assortment of small shims, nuts, bolts, etc that I have acquired
  • Fire extinguisher and S111 mounting bracket (mounts directly in front of passenger seat)
  • BOE OBD data cable - required for loading ECU tune
Title: There is a lien / loan on the car and the title is currently being held by my bank. I have both bought and sold many cars where this has been the case and will work with the buyer to complete the transaction in a manner that is as transparent, safe, and quick as possible.

I believe that I’ve covered everything here but please reach out if you have additional questions. In-person viewings are welcome for serious buyers - - make a trip out of it and visit the world’s largest Lotus collection at Barber Motorsports Park while you’re here ;-)


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Yes, a beautiful car.....but I'm biased. Good Luck with sale!!

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Side Scoops / Seats

Many thanks for the kind words guys! The weather isn't cooperating today but here are a few more pics showing the wide CF side scoops and Tillett B5 seats. All PMs replied. Have a great weekend~


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