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BASF was the original creator of the paint. When it came out on the Mustang Cobra as on option it was called "Mystic" It has been licensed to several other paint makers now. You can get Chameleon paints from BASF, Shermin Williams, RM, PPG, DuPont,House of Kolor, Alsa, etc now. I even stock 2 kinds of chameleon vinyl- one the same as prism green (green to silver) and silver to gold. I can get about 5 different ones but it is pricey. A lot of you on on here will have decals from me made from this material as I often include them in with orders.

Actually the chip cards and product data sheets I had from House of Kolor said it was extremely easy to color match because of the way the coloring was in the paint, it was not the typical pigment that normal paints get their colors from and the color relied on the angle of light, not the pigment of the paint. (or something like that) On the vinyl if I cut a piece off and lay it on top of itself in a different orientation, the color changing pattern still matches perfect with the other piece.

Perhaps more information can be found here or through BASF or one of the other suppliers of it. online shopping from the worldwide leader in the paint and coatings industry.

For more info on the mirrachrome paint by Alsa Corp.
Alsa Corp | The World's Most Exotic Paints and Finishes

Pics: Alsa Corp | MirraChrome: Product Showcase 1

I've used the House of Kolor products myself, and have got to see in use quite a few of the Alsa products as I've cut paint stencils on my plotter for my cousin to use in his airbrush work on a few projects.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts