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It's that time of year again - just wanted to invite the mid-atlantic's Lotus community out to this
huge interforum charity meet at the University of Maryland College Park next month. Around
1500-2000 cars come out for this and always a good number of exotics and supercars.

Last we got a couple elises to come out (including an exige-S) it would be awesome if we could get a
bunch of elises again this year!

here's last year's thread... Elises got to park with the supercars :coolnana:

2008 University of Maryland Spring Meet
hosted by College Park Tuning

  • • Dyno pulls
    • BBQ
    • Live DJ
    • Feature cars
    • Formula SAE car demo
    • 50/50 Raffle
    • Raffle Prize
We will be asking for 1(or more) non-perishable food item per person as
they enter the lot. If you forget to bring an item or prefer not to, we will
collect a $1 donation on your way into the lot. All the donations collected
from admission, food sales and the 50/50 raffle are going to be donated to
Martha’s Table (

University of Maryland – College Park Campus
Directions to Campus

Sunday, MAY 4th, 2008

Noon, 12:00 pm

• BBQ, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs on the grill
• Soft drinks and other refreshments

• $75.00 for 2 - 3 baseline pulls w/ A/F and printout
• If you are interested in dynoing your car, please send an email to [email protected] .
We are trying to have people pre-register for the dyno.

The Last two years meets were great successes. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us! We look forward
to seeing you all again!

Quite a large turnout; cars kept arriving for hours. Only two Lotus made it, though: my red
Elise, and a white Exige S that stopped by for a while.

The supercar attendees included an F360 spider, a McLaren SLR, a Carrera GT, two Gallardos, a DB9, and a Vantage.

Thanks to Dododge for the great photos of last years meet.

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Meet is 2 weeks away! Bump for a great cause

Britain on the Green in alexandria is on a different weekend this year than the UMD Meet so hopefully a lot of Lotus owners will make it out :)

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Hey I just wanted to extend a special thanks to the Lotus Elises that came out on Sunday :clap:

The meet raised a total of $7000 combined cash and canned goods for Charity from mid-atlantic area car enthusiasts. Thanks for your help and support!

In total about 2500-3000 cars - we surpassed last year's number about 45 minutes into the meet. Both lots were filled (both lots hold 2,000 cars) and for about 3 hours thoughout the afternoon there was a cycle of as many cars arriving as the number that left. Some decent supercars as well

I saw a red elise and an orange elise... could have been others as well but I was busy working keeping traffic moving most of the day.

There's about a bajillion photos out there on various forums but here's a few from my fav gallery I've found so far

awesome gallery - College Park Tuning Charity Event. May 4, 2008 - ©

official UMD meet gallery @ collegeparktuning: College Park Tuning :: Try and keep up

Always hard to come out to a meet if you don't know what its going to be like but for those who did I wanted to say thanks!


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It was an interesting show, more or less. I don't know what I was expecting, but I certainly didn't see any of the exotics that were in the pix from prior years. The two Lotus were parked with a couple of later year Porsches, a couple Vipers parked elsewhere.

Otherwise I believe every STi, Evo, S2000, 350Z and Civic on the east coast was there.

Sprinkling of Vettes and quite a few recent Mustangs.

Definitely a very young crowd.

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This is a picture taken by Joe Hancuff, from I know exactly when this was shot (when i was leaving) and I don't remember seeing a camera man there. But I have the HQ version, and it's simply amazing. I wish i had some AO48s on there, but still, it's a damn good shot, and my hair sticks out the top


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