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2009 New England Track Days

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I did my first track days last fall and one of the thrills was meeting other Lotus owners and seeing them out on the track. I figured I would start a thread where we could post when and where we'll be tracking our cars this summer.

June 5 at NHMS. Details here: Boston Chapter BMW CCA - Ultimate Calendar Event

Anyone else going to be at this event?

Track junkies and aspiring track junkies (like myself) please post your schedule here.
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I hope to make it, if my Elise is back together (projects..).
COM Sports Car Club Track Days, Time Trial, Friendly to Newbies & Experienced Racers

Awesome thread.

I'm the Chief Instructor with COM Sports Car Club. The club was established as Corvettes of Massachusetts in 1958, but the name was changed decades ago. COM is a driver's club, not a car club, and we have a wide variety of drivers and cars, including modern and historic Lotuses (Loti?).

I have been lurking on these forums for several months now, mostly in the classified section as I'm interested in an Exige. I checked the Northeast Region forum just in time to learn about the Cars&Coffee event in Woburn Mass last weekend, and got to meet some Lotus guys at that event - pretty cool.

In any event, if you have any interest in getting on-track, do yourself a favor and check out COM Sports Car Club at COM Sports Car Club. We have recently kicked off a grassroots initiative to help enthusiasts get on-track. There can be an intimidation factor and a bit of anxiety for newbies. We have all been there at one point and had endless questions about what to expect, what would be expected of us and our cars. Our mentor program helps with that by pairing up newbies with friendly, experienced club members. We have received many rave reviews about the program. I remember my first event way-back-when and how it took a lot just to sign-up for an event, let alone actually show up! I didn't really know anyone at my first event, but it did not take long for the intimidation and anxiety to melt away. By the end of that first day I couldn't wait to sign up for the next event, tell everyone around me about the incredible experience, and show off the grin that lasted for weeks!

There are a few things that set COM apart from other clubs.
  • Non-profit club with 50+ year history
  • Top-notch instructors, many of which are champion racers
  • Unique driver licensing program to "graduate" to non-student rungroups.
  • All students get personal in-car instructor for the entire event and classroom instruction.
  • Two day HDPE events, 2nd day optional, but highly recommended!
  • Optional & unique time-trial on day-2 offers drivers the opportunity to drive several laps on-track without any other traffic in the way.
  • Safe yet competitive time-trial series
  • Affordable event insurance available eff. late March, 2009

I hope this post inspires anyone interested in trying out track days to go and DO IT! Where ever you are and whichever club you choose, if you have any interest in getting out on track or if you are a motorsports or Lotus enthusiast, you owe it to yourself!

COM Sports Car Club 2009 Schedule:

April 4 & 5 @ NHMS in New Hampshire
April 20 & 21 @ Watkins Glen, New York
June 8 & 9 @ Mont Tremblant, Montreal
July 7 & 8 @ NHMS in New Hampshire
August 1 & 2 @ NHMS in New Hampshire
September 23 & 24 @ NHMS in New Hampshire
October 31 & Nov 1 @ NHMS in New Hampshire

Visit the club's website and forums to learn more about our events and mentor program. Feel free to post here or send me an email to introduce yourself or ask any questions.

Here's hoping for an excellent 2009 season and beyond!


Will Martins
Chief Instructor
COM Sports Car Club
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New Englandish Track Days (2009) – MVP Track Time​

Good Day All:

Just a quick note on MVP Track Time’s 2009 New Englandish (some Southeast and Mid-Atlantic too for good measure) track days. All are welcome. We have these events listed below:

September 7-8: Virginia International Raceway ”Labor Day Speed Fix”

September 28: Summit Point (Main Course)

October 17-18: Mid Ohio

October 31 – November 1: Watkins Glen ”Halloween Fright FAST!”

November 21 – 22: Road Atlanta “Flyin Turkey Trot”

Of course you can run at any of our track events. For more details, registration (both on-line and mail-in registration) and the balance of the 2009 schedule, visit us at MVP Track Time.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (314) 249-3770 or [email protected]. Happy Motoring and I’ll see you at the track!

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My current plans are Lime Rock on June 13 (SCDA), and Watkins Glen Aug 31-Sept1 and Oct 7-8 (TrackMasters). But I gotta say, Mont Tremblant in June (with COM) is very tempting!

Apologies for revisiting an old thread...

I just signed up for the June 5th event. Hope it's not filled yet and i see you there.
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