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200mph Lotus Elise

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If this has been posted before you have my apologies. I thought it was rather interesting. Anyone have more info?
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Who said Lotuses were not about acceleration and top speed?

I wonder what motor/mods it is running?

That is about the level of performance I would like, but can not currently afford :(

Interesting that the scoop on the top has the opening facing towards the back. I would think this is to expell air buildup in the engine compartment from whatever source or flow.
All I can find googling it is that it is a turbo'd 2L VTec.
And a guy named Dawie Joubert owns it.
Why is it the only thing I can think of would probably get me banned from here... :D

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James A said:
Ugh, no thanks!
Im lost?

same with your comment Lotus Fury?

Its 3am, Im up to get a drink, maybe my faculties arent about me yet.
Read this thread, Randy included a rather, um, unique picture...

Link to "Other" Thread
You can make anything go fast in a straight line.

I'd prefer an Elise GT1 :)
Mark said:
You can make anything go fast in a straight line.

I'd prefer an Elise GT1 :)
With all due respect, 200mph is a little different. 200mph isnt an easy number to achieve. ( please noone point out rocket powered cars on the salt flats)

But yeah, I'd rather have a GT1 too. :)
HI Jenn,
First year bone stock hayabusa bike hit 203 as I recall before the government made them put in restrictors on the speed.

Having ridden 130-140 on a bike, 200 must be very fasssssssssssssst!!
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