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Trying to figure out the constant FOB issues I am having with a 2011 Elise R. It has been giving me intermittent issues over the past two years and came to head this weekend.

The car sat for about a week, running great and FOB working. I went to start the car, and the FOB would not turn off the immobilizer. I also noticed it would not lock or unlock the car. I tried the spare FOB, same result. Replaced the batteries in both FOB. The car's battery is fully charged, and the immobilizer fuse is good. Tried resynching fobs as per manual (pin + 1,1) no luck (I have tried the procedures posted by SirLotus in the post dated Apr 2, 2009). I've tried it about 20 times. I've also tried disconnecting the car battery to reset everything, still no luck. Car starts with pin. Local dealer not much help, said key fobs cannot be reprogrammed, but the manual says they can. I hear a click from the back, but the alarm/immobilizer doesn’t disarm and wont lock/unlock. Is there a unit or something in the car itself that could have failed and/or is there a reset or are the FOBs simultaneously bad?

Thank you for any help you can provide.
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