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2011 Lotus no start

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Hello everybody I have a 2011 lotus elise R that is having some issues right now. The car will no turn over when the starter switch is depressed, and the alarm disarmed. I do see the telltale light cut off when I hit the key fob. If I go to the immobilizer ,the autowatch 457 unit, and I jump the fuel and starter wires and hit the start switch with the key on it will start and run. another clue to this problem I think is that I can't change the read out on the instrument cluster either when I turn the key on it just shows the time I can't change it to the mileage or anything. The engine switch also does not light up when the key is turned on as it normally does. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks for your time and effort everybody.
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The Battery is charged and I noticed that even with the alarm disarmed that when I disconnected the battery the alarm still went off. I hooked battery back up with the same result. I thought of just leaving the immobilizers fuel pump and starter circuits jumped but the gauges don't appear to work, would the immobilizer keep the gauges and odo/trip/clock from working correctly too? Could it be that the immobilizer isn't getting signals from all of its switches/sensors and it is still cutting the circuits even though the light is extinguished on the dash? I'm going to try and get in touch with a dealer now. Thanks again for the help you guys.
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