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I purchased the car from Wire Wheel in December of 2016 with 25,009 miles. Car currently has 26,113 miles. Car Fax says odometer issue. When I purchased the car, you could see where there was an obvious fat finger on mileage. The new one just has “odometer problem reported”. I can’t find where I save the old CarFax. If I find it, I will post it.
Car originally came with Sports Pack, Premium Pack and Tech Pack.
The performance changes I’ve done are:
  • BOE Stage 2 Tune and Headers (have Factory Exhaust, Manifold, and 2nd Cat, I guess you could go back??)
  • BOE Intake
  • Larini “Sports” Muffler
  • InoKinetic ESW (Evora Shift Weight)
  • InoKinetic Evora ShiftR111+
  • Sector111 (InoKinetic) TRANScables
  • Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder
The appearance changes I’ve made are:
  • Win Ace GT4 Side Intake Scoops
  • Win Ace GT4 Vented ‘A’ Panels
  • Win Ace GT4 Rear Wing (I have original)
  • GRP GT Taillights (I have European version, original had burnt LED’s)
  • Red Lotus Calipers (I have original Black)
  • Difflow 5 Element Diffuser
  • Ford Mirror Folding Switch
  • TheLotusForums car cover, does have a tear in the bottom rear
  • Professionally painted wheels
  • Decaled all emblems with black/silver ones. (Originals are included or under the decals)
Since I have owned it, I’ve done all my own maintenance. Oil changed every year and brake fluid replaced every other year. I have replaced the AC Condenser and dryer. Since the front clam had to come off, I swapped out the Master Cylinder at the same time. You can see the seams in the top rear quarters, I guess it’s noticeable in black. Some wear on the driver side bolster.
Here are the issues with the car, that I have new OEM parts for, but haven’t had the time to replace:
  • The leather for the cluster surround has shrunk near the vin plate, near the windshield, I have a new replacement. I was going to upgrade the “factory” Alpine at the same time.
  • The steering wheel needs the additional washer (wheel has some play in it), which I have.
  • Surround around the driver mirror is broken, but I have a new one of those as well.
  • E Brake boot is from a BMW. Original was torn and lead time was a few months. I have a new OEM
  • Sometimes the driver’s side door doesn’t unlock from the remote but does with the key. I have brand new door lock actuators for both sides. Passenger side always unlocks with the remote.
$46k or best offer.
The reason I’m selling is that I have the itch for something else, I don’t know what yet. Hopefully the next one won’t be a garage queen.
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