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*Private Seller*

Asking $110,000 with 2,000 miles

Friendstown, TX 77546
Daytime Phone: 281-785-1589

Sellers Notes:
This is my personal car bought just over a month ago. 1900 miles. 900 of the miles were put on it the first day when I picked up the car in MO and drove it home to Houston. The car is absolutely gorgeous and the blue stitching inside is stunning. I don't want to sell it but unfortunately I need to. Fully loaded with the ZR1 performance package. It also comes with the battery kit and an indoor cover. Feel free to email questions and I will respond quickly. Reserve is 5k under what i paid for the car. Sticker of $127,690


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car is gorgeous. DId you happen to pass a stiped exige-s on I-45 last week :).
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