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As some of you may have noticed from my spam all over LT, I am in the process of buying an Evora. Specifically, I am after a leftover 2012 NA IPS. Even though I missed the conquest pricing a few months back I know there are some deals to be had here at the end of the year. From speaking with a few dealers I have been offered new cars at anywhere from 65-71k, all loaded with Tech, Sport, and Premium packs, backup camera, and some Starshield (which I am not sure is a good thing from reading here and TLF). What does the collective board believe to be a fair price for a leftover 2012 at this juncture? I hate to overpay for anything but especially this car since the NA cars seem to not hold their value as well as the supercharged models. Thoughts?
I bought mine this September for $59,200. Brand new MY 12 NA IPS (212 miles) with every option, with the exception of power folding mirrors but will complete the power folding mirror mod as soon as i get the part in for $30....much more attractive than the $450 bucks Lotus charges for "stock" power folding mirrors."
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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