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What many are considering to be the ultimate track car, the Cayman has really taken off in the world of Porsche Motorsports. This car is a Spec P1 Intercontinental Trophy Cup Series Cayman (S/R) that is 100% turn key and ready to race. This car has had the annual NASA and Porsche Club of America tech inspection for 2013 and checked all of the boxes they require. All of our PDK Caymans have Sport Chrono which enables the motorsport derived gear shift strategy for track use, this is not an option that is needed for a manual cayman racecars, but with the PDK it is a must. One major advantage of racing a Cayman over a GT3 Cup is that as you would expect the Cayman motors do not require the kind of engine/transmission maintenance that cup cars do since they are based on a stock street motor. Another great thing about the Cayman is that if you're a privateer and want to load the car on your trailer and head to a race or track day, you don't have to have the type of manpower that one would need to run other racecars. The Cayman is an easier and less expensive car to own, race and maintain.​

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts