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2013 BMW Activehybrid 3, 8 speed automatic, 67k miles, 33 mpg, 1 owner, 330 ft-lbs torque fun and family friendly - $19,000

Photos are at:
Contact: PM or 650- 4-8-3 7-8-9-8

This BMW Activehybrid3 is what you get when you cross a Tesla with a BMW M3. Ok, maybe not quite but this is a pretty unique and amazing car that most people probably haven’t ever heard of. I mean, I’m a car guy and I didn’t really know it existed until I rode in this one (owned by my friend, who I’m helping to sell it for.)

Here’s your chance to own a masterful piece of BMW hybrid engineering. In fact this was BMW’s answer to building a hybrid that’s not boring (like a Prius) and it was so high tech that they were probably losing money on them so they stopped making them in 2015. Or maybe people just bought Prius hybrids instead, but those people are idiots.

Electric motor? Check!
Twinturbo inline 6 cylinder engine? Check!
Awesome BMW handling? Check!
330 ft-lbs of torque at 1200 rpm? Hell yes!
Green-friendliness of a Prius without the Toyota stigma? Of course!

If you need a 4 door family hauler that’s fun to drive, has low end torque galore (great for those quick power-on bursts around town) and still gets 33 mpg then you’ve found your new ride. Oh and this one comes loaded with the Sport Line package, premium 18” wheels, navigation, iDrive, backup camera, and all of the BMW creature comforts to coddle you during your commute to work. Heck, the navigation system in this car is even tied into the transmission to maximize your MPG by optimizing the gear shift points for your route if that sort of thing matters to you. But if you keep flooring it (and it’s hard not to), well then that’s probably not going to help the ol’ mileage numbers.

This is seriously a fun, powerful car to drive...maybe it’s even the Ultimate Driving Machine. No, it likely won’t beat an M3 around the racetrack, but how many trackdays do you really do per year? This thing has power and fun in spades at speeds that won’t get you thrown in jail around town.

Just serviced and has all the records! No accidents. This car was adult owned and mostly freeway driven. Only 1 owner and always dealer serviced (just had a service <20 miles ago!)

And no, it’s nothing like that other hybrid known as the Prius. That thing sucks, seriously.

I’m helping a friend sell it, but I have the car here and happy to meet up with folks to show it to you either in Mountain View, San Bruno, or Burlingame.

Why should you buy this car? Besides that it’ll instantly make you cooler for driving a BMW.
  • It’s fun, I already mentioned that but it’s seriously more powerful and fun than I imagined.
  • Good gas mileage. No, it won’t get you a carpool sticker like a Tesla, but 33mpg will save you a few bucks on gas and you can pay your carpool fines with the money you’d save buying this instead of a $60k used Tesla.
  • You don’t need an SUV for your family. Yes, you think you do, but a 4 door sedan has the same seating capacity and it’s more fun.
  • BMW status -- nothing says “I’ve made it” like owning a BMW. Ok, well maybe a Porsche or Ferrari or Lamborghini say that too.
  • Already depreciated! If you’re looking at used cars, you’re clearly smart. This was $50k when new, now you can own it for a fraction of that.
  • 1 owner, always serviced at the dealer. Owned be an SF tech executive, never skimped on service costs (in fact he had bought the extended service contract.)
  • No accidents! And let’s keep it that no texting and driving during your test drive.
  • Freshly serviced and detailed. This thing is ready to rock, just hop in and don’t even need to put in the key because this baby has keyless entry and keyless start. I’ll even throw in a full tank of gas.
Oil & filter change
Transmission oil change
New wipers
New spark plugs
New key remote battery​

Options / Packages:
  • Sport Line
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Comfort access
  • Reverse camera & parking distance sensor
  • Fog lights
  • Xenon adaptable headlights (lights turn with steering)
  • Glass moonroof
  • Auto folding mirrors
  • Electric sport seats
  • Heated seats
  • High gloss black interior finishes
  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Cruise control with brake function
  • Exterior lighting package (door handle lights)
  • iDrive navigation system
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Comfort access package
  • Foldable rear seats and passthrough
So, is there anything wrong with this marvel of BMW engineering?
Mechanically, no -- this thing is tip top and has always been dealer serviced. In fact, it was just serviced Sept 17th and given a clean bill of health. It will need new tires soon.

Cosmetically, there are a couple of minor blemishes (such as curb rash on the wheels). But keep in mind, it has 66k miles on it so for that mileage it’s actually in very good condition. There are a few minor chips on the body as shown in the photos.


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