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2014 Evora with Black Pack purchased at Lotus Greenville

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I just purchased a new 2014 Evora and just wanted to provide some information on the new 2014 Evoras on the market now. You may have read about problems with the Traction Control light coming on, perhaps followed by Check Engine and failure to run or "limp mode". I've read about this issue being caused by issues with a few different sensors including "steering alignment", "brake sensor" and "loose throttle body". I use quotation marks because I'm not a Lotus technician and those may not be completely accurate.

Apparently my car had issues with two of those, the throttle body and when that was fixed, the steering alignment sensor. So, there are some issues with the cars that should be caught at the factory.

However, we know these are rare, hand made cars and these problems do come up. These issues are minor and are easily fixed by a good dealer. I purchased my car at Lotus Greenville and they did everything possible to take care of the problem quickly and to make the best out of a bad situation.

I picked up the car on a Saturday and experienced a problem Saturday evening. They had a truck there within a couple of hours to take the car back to Greenville from Asheville NC. Sunday morning, their Land Rover affiliate in Asheville met me at Land Rover Asheville at 9:00AM on a Sunday morning to put me in a new Land Rover while the Lotus was being repaired. I picked up the car and experienced the same issue but with a different sensor. They once again provided me with the same new Land Rover while the car was under repair. The problem was resolved quickly and I haven't had any other issues with the car. It's performing flawlessly just like my Elise did.

My message is that I'm confident you can buy one of these cars and not have any issues that aren't easily resolved. Just be sure to do business with a dealership that will provide excellent service for the car and for you. I can recommend Lotus Greenville without any reservation.
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Congrats on the car and glad to hear your dealer is taking care of you. Not to mention your understanding about these cars. :up:

Pics, Pics, PICS!
Twice Max loaned us a different Evora during a service interval. Then met us halfway for the return (we are in Asheville). As well as the initial delivery to our door.
Thanks for the interest...

Thanks for the interest... I"m going to cheat and provide a pic from the dealer and will work on getting some of my own out.


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Is it green or is it black and reflecting the green background?
Is it green or is it black and reflecting the green background?
Yes! :)

It's green and black... the body is green and the top is black... easier to tell the difference on the Black Pack cars which are silver or red but that's part of why I like this one so much... the dark green sort of blends in with the black instead of contrasting with it so much.

I gotta say I like it a lot. Thanks for asking.
Looks amazing! Congrats!

More Pics Than You Want...

More pics than you want...

Ride home through rural NC (NC 49, much better than the interstate. *Disclaimer* I was driving safely with my hands while I took the pic with my feet), the rear end (shows my house and tag but that shot is too good to leave out. If you need a reason to get an Evora that shot is it), the other green Lotus that I cut the grass with, the garage (wire fits nicely in edge of bonnett while charging).

Road Highway Freeway Asphalt Infrastructure

Vehicle Steering part Steering wheel Speedometer Car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Supercar Lotus evora

Vehicle Green Tire Automotive tire Bumper

Vehicle Automotive design Car Bumper Automotive lighting
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I love your car! :clap: I haven't seen the black pack on a green car before!
I love your car! :clap: I haven't seen the black pack on a green car before!
Thanks alot. I appreciate it. One of my favorite colors for a sports car is dark green or British Racing Green. I didn't think I would want the Black Pack version and thought I would only want all green, alloy wheels and tan interior of course.

However, after seeing this thing I've changed my mind... I've got a good dose of nice dark BRG (sparkling/metallic) with some nice contrast with the black top and wheels. The red calipers also lend a nice touch.

I'm liking it... On the drive home from work I don't want to stop... now that's a car you like driving. Thanks again...
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