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Sorry I have taken so long to getting around to announcing this, but YES it is still happening and YES we still have an old fashioned way of registering so here are the details.

September 4th(Friday) at Portland International Raceway.
$250 for Members of Club Lotus Northwest and $275 for non members

To register you must call Mark Viskov at 503-641-7693, as I said we are very old fashioned on how to register so we do not have a motorsportsreg account or even E-mail which is why I am the one posting this :UK:

Our track days have been known to be the best in the area, with up to 7, thats right SEVEN run sessions in a day, what an incredible value for your track dollar, hell your car will probably break down before you finish the day with is, but then again... :tadts:

Just Kidding, but any car is welcome, you don't need to have a lotus or bring your Lotus, I am actually planning on bringing my Aston Martin this time around.

We have Intermediate
Advanced and
Race car run groups
NO INSTRUCTORS(but somebody might get in your car to help if you ask nicely, look for me in the Laser Blue Elise or Black Aston Martin Vantage and I will unofficially show you around the track from the passenger seat)

Hope to see you there.

Loose schedule
7:15 AM Tech Inspection begins
8:30AM Mandatory drivers meeting
9:00 AM First cars on Track
Noon 30 minute break for lunch
5:00 PM Last car off track.
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