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So I'm working in Dallas this week and all I do while I'm cooped up in this hotel room is browse through cars that I'd love to own. As of right now, I have found a few (realistic) cars that'd I'd like to own within the next few years. I have decided that if the 2015 Elise actually goes into production, I will be the first person on the list to buy one. It's soooooooo good looking!

I know this video is old... but I came across it again on youtube...

The other cars that I really want are as follows;

1. 2007+ Jaguar XKR. Even though it somewhat disappointed on the performance side... it is simply beautiful. I will pay for the beauty of that car.

2. Cadillac XLR-V. Once again, this car is simply beautiful. Super clean and simple. Love the hardtop convertible too.

3. Acura NSX (1st Gen). I have always wanted this car. It's just a classic. Also, the flip-up headlights are awesome!

I am extremely bored and I'm working in Dallas for two more weeks! Traveling for business sucks! :panic: :wallbang:
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