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Just in case you missed the other tread

I figure this tire has 3 - maybe 5 purposes left in life... It is basically new and will HOLD AIR...

1) Rolling Chassis build - it holds air and if the correct size - sets your stance and height properly
2) A Flat Spot Queen - we all know a tire flat spot after sitting in the same position all winter - mount this on cheap rim and let the flat spots roll
3) Maybe a burnout - but I don't see too may Lotus drivers doing burn outs - so that may not be likely
oh and
4) modern Car art - ask Mr. May - as Clarkson has no clue
5) new font fender treads for your Ariel Atom?

Seriously - this is not a road worthy tire but if you want it - cover my shipping
This will most likely go to the recycle center
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