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It is with much sadness that I have to list my Lotus Elise for sale. I bought the car in December of 2010, from the first owner who lived in Atlanta and purchased it new from Lotus of Atlanta. Immediately after purchasing the car I planned to modify it with the goal of making it one of the “fastest” street legal things around, and eventually settled on going down the long road of swapping the Honda K-series engine into the car. The swap is a discussion in and of itself and I won’t go into here as you can read through my story on this very forum. It ended up that this was one of the first federal S2 Elise/Exige to undergo the swap and certainly the first to document the whole thing in detail.

When I began the swap I was just married had no kids, and had (what now) seems like all the time in the world to dedicate to the car and make it exactly what I wanted. If left to my own devices I am a pretty handy guy and certainly a DIYer so the journey was as much fun as the final product! The swap went through a few iterations of powertrains but eventually settled on a K24A2 with a large Eaton supercharger (MPx90). The powertrain was not the only thing which got attention as I upgraded the brakes, suspension, fueling, etc. as well. The car is extremely prepared in most aspects and all-around I think the goal was pretty closely met and the car is about as close to a dedicated race car as you will get given it is street legal.

So why sell you ask? In a nutshell because it simply no longer fits my lifestyle. I now have a daughter, far more responsibilities at work, and to be honest less desire to tinker with it and put up with the lack of practicality that a Lotus Elise affords. Within the last year I drove the car maybe 1000-1500 miles as I can rarely find time to get out with it. At this point in my life I need something that I can more readily use even if it is much slower and less… fun. My replacement car is an E90 (read newer sedan) M3. This car will be SORELY missed as there is NOTHING out there that drives, performs, or is anywhere near as unique as the Lotus… I really wish I had the space, and money to deal with two sports cars.

I will try my best to describe everything I know of the car to give the potential buyer the best possible picture of the car, but feel free to ask questions if you are truly interested.

- 2006 Lotus Elise, Solar Yellow, a little less than 22k miles
- Sport Pack, and I believe touring pack.
- Hardtop
- 2 Owners, Clean Carfax (No Accidents)

After going through a few iterations of powertrains I settled on the (relatively) stock K24A2 + blower, I am very happy with this choice in the end, and the recommendation was largely the brainchild of Derek of Hondata (the guy knows his stuff!).
- Stock K24A2 from a Manual TSX with mid 50k for mileage
- K20A2 VTC gear for added range on intake cam timing (although in practice it doesn’t need much)
- Moroso deep sump trap door oil pan (Eliminates oil starvation)
- Magnum Powers MPx90 blower on DC5 JRSC manifold with a 3.25” pulley making ~14psi of boost
- Skunk2 74mm throttle body (cable driven ;) )
- MercRacing second generation Bell “drop-in” intercooler
- BOE heat exchangers (same as Rev400 kit) in the passenger side rear with fans.
- Bosch Intercooler system pump
- Lotus Sport 3-pass upgraded aluminum radiator (no more blown stock radiators!)

- Innovative Mounts Honda K-Series swap mounts - 75A, 3 mount kit.
- Innovative Mounts shift mechanism
- Innovative Mounts Lotus K-Series Gas Pedal, Throttle Cable, and Bracket
- Innovative Mounts Louts K-Series Clutch Line
- Custom wiring for K-Series into Federal S2 Elise/Exige (I am one of the few people that actually understand these and do it for others).
- Hondata Dash Converter box to use Stock dash with Hondata Kpro ECU.
- Hondata KPro v2 ECU
- Custom dyno tune

The car was originally setup for E85 and clearly has the capacity to do so. I did convert it back to 93 octane, simply to broaden the buyer market since I know many don’t have E85 readily available. However if the buyer wants to convert back for some added power and safety realize the capacity is all there it just takes a new tune.
- In-tank Walbro 255hp
- Integrated engineering surge tank with built-in Bosch 044 fuel pump (Eliminates fuel starvation)
- DW 1300cc fuel injectors
- Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail
- Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
- All custom lines for return fuel system

- 3” Intake with Vibrant velocity stack filter
- Custom equal length exhaust header with V-banded collector. Made from all quality parts sourced from ASP (well known header builder in the Honda community). Ceramic coated black.
- Custom exhaust with 3” straight-through Magnaflow muffler. I am also including a pricey but higher quality 3.5” Borla XR series muffler with stainless packing material. I never got around to putting it on but the goal with the Borla muffler is the quietest system with the highest flow.

- K20A2 6-speed.
- Complete new forged close ratio 6-speed semi-helical cut gear set from Gear-X with “longer” 6th.
- Synchrotech carbon lined synchro set.
- Transmission build performed by King Motorsports in March of 2013 now with about 2k miles on it.
- M-Factory mechanical (helical) Limited Slip Differential
- Clutch Masters FX350 clutch
- Clutch Masters 11# flywheel
- SCC shift cable replacement (no more broken stock cables!)

- DBA4000 rotors on all 4 corners
- Carbotech XP10 pads on all 4 corners
- Extra set of Carbotech Bobcat (Street) pads
- Motul RBF600 brake fluid

- BOE (Full) toelink replacements.
- Nitron 46mm Race Pro Singles on 450/600 springs. While these are not the big dollar 3-ways, don’t confuse these for the regular “Nitron Singles”. The 46mm Race Pros are derived from the Race series dampers and are far more desired as a performance damper.
- Stock front sway bar drilled for one extra stiffer adjustment point. (I actually had a BWR bar on here but it induced far more understeer than desired and going back to stock balanced everything back out)
- V2 steering arms and V2 shims for added camber up front
- Corner balanced and aligned
- Dunlop Z1 Star Spec tires

- Radium modular clam removal kit
- S111 rear diffusor exhaust hole block off plate. Diffusor powdercoated black.
- DZUS quarter turn hardware full set (Replaces all diffusor and undertray little bolts for faster access)
- Removed stock plastic side scoop grates for as much airflow as possible. They come with the car if you want to put them back on.
- Removed stock battery and replaced with BOE battery kit and lightweight Odessey PC625 battery.
- Sector111 "Booty" trunk organizer
- Sector111 "DarthHolder" cup holder

Interior Condtion:
Generally in good shape. The leather only shows very minor wear with no tears or anything. If I recall it has a special lotus trim shop pattern on the leather which is a nice touch. There are few minor scratches here and there but nothing serious. The most wear is seen on the driver side plastic sill. Also of note is that due to the swap with the K20A2 transmission the center console cover is not installed so that there is enough room to move the shifter into reverse with more ease. The stock console does come with it if the next owner wants to trim things around to make it fit. I would give the interior a 8 out of 10. See the pictures below.

Exterior condition:
The exterior is in decent shape and the paint/clearcoat is in good shape due to having few miles and being stored the vast majority of its life. There is no fading what-to-ever. The exterior shows does show wear than the interior with the front of the car showing the most simply due to catching the brunt of all the rocks, bumps, etc. There are little scrapes, marks, and occasional chips here or there that are consistent with a car of its age. The wheels are in good shape but all have one minor rock chip. The biggest issues with the exterior are:
1) There is minor fiberglass damage on the bottom edges at the front from the car being so low. Its pretty small and you really dont notice it unless you have your head on the ground.
2) On the underbody of the car at the rear on both sides there is a crack about 2-3 inches long on the side sill. You can not see it from the side or even the bottom unless the diffusor/undertray panel is removed. I am guessing the previous owner took the car to a crappy oil change place that thought they could simply jack the car up at the rear from the “pinch weld”. The previous owner did not disclose this to me, but I am disclosing it to the next owner. Its not a huge deal as its not structural, not visible and hasn’t spread. But it is something to be aware of.
3) The original star shield did its job of protecting the paint but is getting old and like most all Elise/Exige with the original star sheild is showing some dirt around the edges and really should be replaced.
Overall the car looks great from a few feet away as the paint is in good shape, the body is straight, etc. Just when you get up close you start to see the car showing its age. I would give the exterior a 6 maybe 7 out of 10. See the pictures below.

Mechanical Condition:
Mechanically the car is sound. No real issues to report. The biggest thing to note is that due to the swap the car does NOT have AC. The performance is downright staggering. It makes a stock Elise/Exige seem tame and makes “normal" sports cars seem like a honda civic. I am sure my Elise is faster than my M3 at half throttle and makes it seem like it transitions like a school bus. The car was originally tuned for E85 where it made 383whp and 278 ft. lbs of torque at the wheels. I retuned the car for standard 93 octane pump gas and I am guessing it probably makes somewhere between 350-360whp and just shy of 260 ft. lbs of torque at the wheels. That type of power weighing it at just 2000 pounds is very fast! Even though the Elise/Exige are not known to be good drag racers, I once took my car to the drag strip just to see what it would do and on E85 and regular street tires it went low, low 11s and could have dipped into the 10s with a bit more seat time I’ll bet! Also remember that because the car has a positive displacement blower the power is there immediately with zero lag what-so-ever. Between the powertrain, suspension, brakes, etc. everything about the car is very immediate and raw. Its hard to truly appreciate it until you drive it.

Price and Closing:
Lowered to $38500, and it will be pretty firm around this price.
Truthfully considering what you are getting that is a steal. Stock, Clean Carfax, 2 owner, 2006 , Sport pack, Hardtop, Elises, with 22k miles are worth around 30k. Then consider all of the money, time, effort required to get a car into the current state. I don’t even want to think about the total amount of money and time invested. It's hard enough to simply obtain the parts, and I’m not sure if any Honda swapped Federal S2 Elise/Exige have ever gone up for sale. Ask anyone who has successfully completed a swap like this how much time, money and effort goes into it ;)

Ideally I would like to sell the car to a fellow Lotus Enthusiast that is a DIYer. It really was my baby for the past few years and I would love to know its going to a good home.

The car is located in a suburb of Milwaukee, WI.
I would prefer email/text contact as I am constantly busy. If you are going to call get a hold of me first by email so we can coordinate a time.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 414-215-0818

Exterior Pictures

Interior Pictures

Engine Bay Pictures

"Blemish" pictures


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now this is how a for sale thread should look every single time (hopefully others take notice) :clap:

bummer to see you get rid of it Murray... hopefully the next owner can appreciate a little more seat time :up:

& 1 small request... when you sell this, don't delete any of your posts within this thread (lot of info/images are useful here)
No problem I can keep the info up. The pictures are hosted by Photobucket so as long as they dont have any long term bandwidth restrictions it should be fine.

That price - wow! Someone is going to get a steal. The car sounds amazing - good luck with the sale and nice choice on the E90 M3.
I would take it from Murray when he says that this is a damn good price. Speaking as someone who is doing a kswap on his very own Exige at the moment --- it is a VERY pricey, and involved undertaking.

Someone buying it for this price is damn near criminal. It basically amounts to walking up to someone, taking their prized possession, and then leaving some pocket change as a courtesy.

Good luck with the sale, thanks for all your help on my swap, and the E90 is a fine, fine choice as a replacement given your needs.

Thanks all for the kind words!

Yea the price is very very good considering what you are getting. Given the exclusivity, performance, and generally low DIY running costs its hard to imagine more car for the money. Like I said I really wish I had the space and cash to just keep the Elise forever, but I have to be realistic!

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Bring it down to the MKE SCCA autocross this weekend at Miller Park (Saturday and Sunday). You might just sell it on-the-spot. I'd love to see it!

I've actually had it there before. Its a really good setup for autocross although it does get thrown in with all the other crazies in XP... and with a driver that doesn't autocross much and street tires it really isn't competitive in XP. A good driver and a set of A6s and I'm sure it would do just fine ;)

Ill actually be up at Gingerman this weekend with some friends. :)

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A little bit more info that is probably pertinent:

- Here is a link to the Carfax I ran on it. Not sure why Carfax thinks there are three owners?! It seems that when the title got transferred from GA to WI it got confused. I assure you its only 2 owners total , with owners "2" and "3" on the Carfax being me. In any case a clean Carfax.

Also the car has no check engine light, no stored codes, sets emissions readiness, and reports the proper VIN so should pass emissions... which is common for Honda swaps using Kpro.

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Bump, still for sale. Had some interest but nothing too serious yet.
I really wasn't expecting to have it very long after it was listed, but I guess its just not the right time to sell?!

In any case the longer it stays up the more tempted I am to keep it. My daughter only gets older by the minute ;)

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Likely the only real price adjustment I will make... as it seems more a function of time rather than dollars holding back a sale on a niche car like this.

Price lowered to $38500.

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Sell the M3 and buy a M3 sedan, even better!
That's actually what I have now. A 2011 E90 Comp Pack DCT. Lemans Blue. Beauuuuutiful car! :drool: Great to haul around my daughter and still be able to have some fun on a daily basis. Thing is while I really like the M3 I don't love it like I did the Elise. Plus given what I am paying for it, it doesn't make much sense to hold on to if I can't sell the Elise.

How is this thing not sold???!!! This car has all the kinks worked out of it! And even a bad ass transmission that everyone else cheap's out on when doing the swap... (Except me :) )
Agreed I don't think people realize what the transmission means. The trans and the Kpro are HUGE benefits to the swap.

Hopefully this helps move the car!

Is This Honda-Swapped 2006 Lotus Elise A Bargain At $39,000?

I wouldn't let the comments get to you though. People still seem to think you can get a nice Elise for under $30k!
It's on jalopnik

Sent from Free App
So today is my birthday and I had a friend text me as I got out of bed that I was on Jalopnik. I thought it was a cruel brithday joke. Turns out it was real, and probably one of the coolest birthday gifts ever... to be internet famous for a day. Had all my buddies texting me left and right after that.

... and yes one thing I have learned about Jalopnik. There are a lot of people that think they understand. Lots of "just throw a 5k supercharger on the stock 2zz, its the same thing" (Not even close) or "Why didn't they put a F20C motor in there that would have made it awesome" (If you need to ask that question then you don't understand. F20C is longitudinal, and the K20 is essentially the transverse economy of scale version which in many respects is actually superior to the F20) or "You can get clean ones stock ones like it for 25k" (Oh really?)

Good luck selling. Couldn't imagine driving an Elise that effectively has DOUBLE the horsepower of my OEM SC. Crazy!

BTW - was at Starbucks in Whitefish Bay and a guy started chatting me up. Turns out he's your neighbor (has an A4 station wagon). Told him to tell you I said hi.

Small world!
Ha! Very small world. Yea that's my next door neighbor Adam. Really cool guy. Funny story:

My daughter went over to play with his son last weekend. His son has a little cheap power wheel that apparently he never really liked. My 2.5 year old daughter had never seen anything like it, but hopped on it eventually found the "go" button and ended up riding around their yard for hours straight and made them promise not to "move it because [she] was coming back tomorrow".... It almost brought a tear to my eye. Although my wife isn't into cars at all I may still have a car buddy afterall :clap:

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Worst moderating of a for sale post ever-

It has come to the attention of the staff here that often FOR SALE ads are turning into discussion threads. The Classifieds section is NOT the place for discussion.

Posts in for sale ads should be limited to questions relevant to the sale of the item at hand and directed to the owner.

Wow Such Admin
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Worst moderating of a for sale post ever-

It has come to the attention of the staff here that often FOR SALE ads are turning into discussion threads. The Classifieds section is NOT the place for discussion.

Posts in for sale ads should be limited to questions relevant to the sale of the item at hand and directed to the owner.
And you know what? NO ONE reported it. We don't read every single thread even though I try to go through what I can. That is why there is a report button. So instead of making a post like this, report it.

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I have ridden in this car, and murray not only helped me with my turbo k swap, but also made my harness, and tuned my car, literally all day. I can attest to how well sorted, and built this car really is. His price is a steal and this car is a rocket.
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