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I wanted more sound than stock on my '07 Exige. I first replaced the factory CAT pipe with a Blackwatch decat pipe hoping for a little more sound. Kept the factory muffler. Disappointed there was hardly any notable difference in sound. Additionally, the decat pipe only saved 3lbs over the factory CAT pipe. Another disappointment. My experience on older vehicles, when eliminating the CAT, was a 10lbs weight savings. Not this time.....Argh

Ok, now looked for an aftermarket muffler. I wanted something that made it sound like it looks, but didn't want it to drone, have to wear earplugs or irritate the neighbors. Also wanted to still hear the supercharger on hard acceleration. By the way, I don't track the car.

I settled on the "Road Exhaust" offered by Jim at 2buler. Took several phone calls to Jim at 5pm (London time) as he doesn't respond to email or web page inquiries. Frustrating, but 6 weeks later had the muffler in my garage (see pics).

I'll have to say, his product is excellent in quality and packaging. It was well worth the wait. I'm very happy.

I considered all the options and decided to go with the Factory CAT pipe with the 2buler muffler setup. I'll keep the decat pipe for possible future install.

These are my impressions of the "Road Exhaust" from 2buler after ~300 miles.......

Weighed the stock muffler = 33lbs.

Total factory exhaust weight
Stock CAT pipe (10lbs) + stock Muffler (33lbs) = 43lbs

Weight with new "Road" 2buler
Stock CAT pipe (10lbs) + 2buler Muffler (20lbs) = 30lbs

Saved 13 lbs over factory

My driving impressions:
* Idle is a LITTLE louder, but not much
* On moderate acceleration/deceleration, has a nice 'sports car' tone.
* Hard acceleration has a louder tone, but not obnoxious with some 'burble'
on shifting and still able to hear the supercharger(important to me).
* Steady cruise is quiet with no exhaust note. Very comfortable

Overall impressions is I like it in that in accomplishes everything I wanted... less weight, sounds like a sports car with some 'burbling' and still being able to hear the supercharger. I'm happy

The system has gotten a little louder with more miles. I believe the increase in loudness has plateaued at ~300 miles.

P.S. I threw in a picture of the factory CAT pipe


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I’ve only had 2bular exhausts and love them.
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