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2nd Annual "2009 Tri-City Meet" [3-28-09]

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What's up everyone, It's me Adrian getting ready for round 2 of the succesful "tri-city" meet. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about or didn't attend 2008's Tri-City meet let me explain. All of SoCal as well as people that make the drive from NorCal and other states come together her in Southern California for a full day's worth of meets, cruises, photoshoots and FOOD. It's a great way to see many cars all in one shots and meet new people and maybe come out of this with new friends.

......Here is a link to last years thread with pics towards the final pages so u can get a better idea what I'm talking about:

Tri-City Meet!! Orange County, Los Angeles, Long Beach. Cruise/Lunch/Photoshoot 01/27/2008 - Honda-Tech

As you can see, the meet was succesful with no problem from local police. People were on their best behavior and I myself met a lot of cool new people.

This thread will start as a planning thread to gather ideas from attendees and once things get planned out it will turn into "official" thread with information and a roster.

Date: Saturday,March 28th
Time: TBA

Location #1:
Super Autobac
12645 Beach Blvd.
Stanton, CA 90680
Time: 10am-1:00pm

Location #2:
Place: TBD
Time: 2pm-2:30pm

*Lets find a spot for this guys. Throw in your suggestions!

Location #3:
{EAT} Most likely at Gladstone or Neptunes in Malibu, CA.
Time: 2:30pm-4:30pm
place: To be determined.

*We want this to be a place we can get some food. Post up suggestions on a place that can handle us with parking and service. There WILL be a lot of cars.

We are all adults so please use proper judgement.

*We don not want to get into any trouble and lets show that we can follow rules.
*When we are on the freeway stay to the right 2 lanes to allow traffic to move.
*Do not use carpool lane; not everyone will have a passenger.
*Stay with your group
ALL Violators will be noted and reported if it comes down to that!

Let's make this a huuuge success and double up the roster from last year guys. You guys arer welcomed to inform other forums but please ask me first so I can know which forums are being in on this.

E-Flyer Coming SOON!

Special Invites to:
NSX Fellers
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Now, I am a moderator at another site so I know how rules are. Let me say the following to avoid issues.

*I did read the rules so I posted accordinly. This is not a promotion for any company or specific organizations. This is put together by people car enthusiast for car enthusiast. It's just so we can all enjoy a nice saturday and get involved with car fellas and socialize. If I missed something and did in fact break some rules I'm sorry.

*Last year was a great turnout BUT was Japanese cars dominant. This year I'm trying to make it much more diverse from Japanese to American muscle to Euro and maybe exotics. Some people have asked why so diverse and my answer to that is why not?

*Photographs will be posted withing a week after on the net (plates will be blurred out) and I will try to get shots of as many individual cars best I can.

I'm really hoping you guys can attend and have fun with the rest of us on a nice weekend. Enjoy and ask any questions you may have and I will respond as I will log in and check here periodically. Thanks
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