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2nd Annual All Lotus Track Day

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To all the Texas Lotus family, I am in the early stages of setting up another track day in San Marcos for this fall. It was such a great event and would like to get the response from all if it is worth doing again in conjunction with the ACBCC.
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Absolutely. I had a great time last year and got to meet several Lotus drivers that I get to run with periodically at the track. I'd would be nice to have another chance to run together.
Is there any questions as to whether or not you should do it?

The last event seemed to go very well so I thought it would be a no brainer...

I'm more than happy to help out again if you are looking for instructors.
:coolnana: all means, let's!..
Sounds like fun to me.
I missed it last year. Will probably try to make it out this time though.
I've got good friends in Austin that I'd love to see again. San Marcos is just a bit further down the highway and it'd make for a nice addition to a trip south.
JOe's Gonzabaautoplex Track Day

I am not sure if Joe can top the last track day he provided as it was picture perfect, but if anyone can he sure can. He even flew in instructors and assistants from out of state, not to mention the barbecue and never ending source of beverages. It was an A+ event and I know everyone is looking forward to the next. I will not be able to make this one, as I am on the road, but do look forward to hearing all the details and how much fun everyone had, as well as some pics! I go way back with Joe and his racing adventures and rest assured, he is well respected in the car and racing world. They do not come anymore honest and genuine as Joe Stubblefield!

Enjoy those cars!
Count me Joe! If I'm available I'd love to see if I can make more than one and a half sessions without engine trouble :wallbang:
If you need some help setting this up, let me know. I'm a member at Harris Hill and live in Austin.
I can also help with instruction if you need it.. Will be there either way..
Would love to know more about this. Just got my Exige yesterday!

Count Me In


You can count me in as well. Hopefully we can get a cool day this day time. I am sick of all this heat.

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