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Just like the title says, the LOSER's meet again. This time for a BBQ at Jeff's house (blue elise). Basically a lot of beer, patron tequila shots, BBQ, cars, guns, and the hottest hot sauce on the planet earth... it was so hot that all I did was touch the bottle and then my upper lip and I had a red hitler mustache for the rest of the night :eek:

Anyway, great time, hope to do it again...

Before me and my buddy Breese with a turbo'd MR-S headed over to Jeff's, we stopped at this guys race car garage. I met him and his wife at a bar the night before, they're both instructors at Watkins Glen and his wife tracks a 355 challenge :eek:

We had to chase off some ruffians that pulled over to take pictures of the cars...

Then me and Breese took a hellacious drive down lake rd, made some swans eat beer caps, then headed over to Jeffs...

My new lame vanity plate...

after the tequila shots started, i must have stopped taking pictures, so you'll just have to take my word for it that we had a good time.

Until next time Lotus Owners Society En Rochester OUT!
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