Selling Long Block - Everything else stayed in the car.

I'm parting out my internally stock 2ZZ-GE. The car had a BOE300 package professionally installed approximately 7k miles ago. I bought the car in December, see link below, with 73k miles, knowing an engine swap was likely in the future. During my first oil change I saw metal chunks in the oil pan. I swapped the engine with a JDM import and realized the metal was a thrust bearing. Even though the car ran fine as is with the old engine I'm not sure what all is worth salvaging other than the head but feel free to make an offer. I know we are supposed to list prices but in this case I'm just trying to free up garage space and help others out if possible by getting them cheap parts.

No Reserve: Supercharged 2005 Lotus Elise

I'll work with buyers for best/cheapest shipping.