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I talked to a friend of mine who owns a Celica GTS, and he told me that the motor has a poorly designed oil pickup that starves the engine during hard cornering. He's heard that many engines have failed on the track due to this problem. In the SAE paper on the 2ZZ-GE, it states that the engine can withstand 1.0G without sucking air. Even if that 1.0G number is correct, it doesn't seem very high...couldn't peak cornering loads be well above that in a track-configured Elise? That same SAE paper states that there are no baffles in the oil pan(!).

Has anyone heard about this supposed problem, and whether Lotus is going to make any changes to this area?

I was also informed that due to the close shift pattern, 6th to 2nd mis-shifts are not uncommon (which of course will wreck your engine if you don't catch it fast enough).
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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