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Ok here we go, these fire breathing go-karts are no longer going to be a part of my life, so it is unfortunately time to sell. This is a perfect running 2zz 6speed MR2 Spyder with TRD LSD (approx 50k miles on both). It has damping and height adjustable BC coilovers, hard top, staggered Team Dynamics/Toyo R1R wheels/tires, baffled oil pan, front/rear/center/strut bracing, APEXi PFC engine management (2001 Celica GT-S computer also available), littlerocket header, trd exhaust, comes with catalytic converter pipe AND catless mid pipe, full top speed adjustable rear arms. Interior is stock original and beautiful, all creature comforts behind the rear seats are removed, with a nice clean cargo area appearance. Exterior is a beautiful blue (ala Lotus magnetic blue). Exterior is good for a sports car, not ideal for a show car. I am a sports car driver and racer, not some douchebag with a fauxhawk. You could, of course, make this a show quality car without too much effort.

Good: car has been absolutely reliable, everything from engine, transmission, controls, interior controls, windows, latches, etc. It is a beautiful specimen, provided you don't have to have a flawless show car.

Bad: title is salvage. The car has absolutely no chassis repairs, so don't let the salvage title suggest that it is bad. You are welcome to have any body shop, toyota dealer, etc fully inspect the car and they will agree there are no concerning repairs. Paint has chips here and there, but no faded or brutally scratched body panels. One headlight and rear hardtop window have scratches, but they don't affect visibility or function.

The car is an absolute demon for the street, track day, or autocross street mod. Because I also have a MR-S race car, I have only shook this one down on the track, never driven hot laps for a day. My intentions were to keep it a nice presentable street ride.

If you are interested in the car, I gladly invite you to Utah where you can tear the hell out of a local canyon to make sure it is your flavor of adrenaline rush. I can deliver to the western US, and truck shipping is $800 to $1400 across the country.

Price: $9,400

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested and want to make an offer.


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