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Ok here we go, these fire breathing go-karts are no longer going to be a part of my life, so it is unfortunately time to sell. This is a purpose built race car that is very competitive as a NASA PTC car, SCCA STU car, caged track day car, or even a street prepared autocrosser. I bought the car with full intentions of building the ultimate lightweight race car, and you will find that it certainly worked out. It has a current NASA 2012 inspection sticker, and is ready to go. Engine is a 16k mile 2zz from a Matrix XRS, transmission is a 1k mile C64 from an Exige S with a Quaife LSD! Car comes with 2 sets of perfect condition Team Dynamics Wheels, staggered with 205 and 225 15" BFG R1 tires for dry and Toyo R1R for wet. All tires are like new.

For the entire build detail, please visit my road race MR-S build thread at OTB's road race build thread - The Spyder Web In the thread, you will read everything I've done to make the car track worthy for water cooling, oil cooling, braking, downforce, and light weight!

If you are interested in the car, I gladly invite you to Utah where I will arrange a closed course for you to run the bloody hell out of it. I can deliver to the western US, and truck shipping is $800 to $1400 across the country.

Can you make it street legal......yes but I wouldn't recommend it. There's a full cage for SCCA or NASA touring car, no airbags, no power steering, no emissions equipment, no interior. All lights are still intact, you would just need to wire blinkers. Again, I don't recommend it as the car is a dream on the track, and would be rough on the street.

Price: $11,000
With aluminum trailer: $ 12,750

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested and want to make an offer.


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