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This is the ultimate cure for the many oil related issues on the Toyota 2ZZ-GE powered Lotus (211/Exige/Elise). If you’re dealing with excessive oil vapors filling catch cans, oil pump cavitation due to aerated oil, oil foaming, the desire for dry-sump performance without the complexity or cost, etc, then you’re looking for the BOE TOC Oil Sump.

This oil sump is unique in many ways. Not only did BOE design it with great attention to detail such as AN fittings where competitor pans have NPT fittings, but the pan comes with an extra windage blocking crank scraper that attaches to the engine girdle using factory mounting locations. (see pictures). This windage blocker and crank scraper dramatically decrease oil interacting with the fast spinning crank.

Perhaps one of the best and unique features to this sump is that it is compatible with an external oil pump. BOE have developed an external oil pump system that very simply and cleanly mounts where the AC compressor would normally reside and it perfectly works in concert with our TOC oil sump.

Additional features include full depth sump across the length of the pan, close tolerances maintained on the second sump windage tray to the sump walls when compared to competitors, taller baffled pick-up box with much tighter tolerances for a longer oil reserve in long sweepers, additional bulkhead with trap doors to ensure greater oil quantities in the proximity of either pick-up, oil temperature pick-up on the firewall side of the pan (no more awkward oil temp sensor wiring stringing across the bottom of the pan), allos for access to critical suspension components, and the list goes on…
2ZZ Lotus Total Oil Control Oil Pan

Follow this link to place your order today, IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP
BOE Total Oil Control Oil Pan
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