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Starting in 2008, the Exige-S 240 came with 308mm Lotus Sport / AP Racing front calipers. I think these are the same calipers as the previous Exige S2 Cup cars, and the 2008-2011 240, 260, and an option on 211 cars.

On my car the piston dustboots on the front calipers finally became crispy and have disintegrated. They have taken lots of abuse so I thought it best to replace all the seals. Lotus dealers do not sell rebuild kits so I had to go to AP Racing to find out the part #'s needed to rebuild the calipers.

Hopefully this might save you a week's worth of emails to get the answer you need.

These are the AP Racing part numbers that I found on my calipers:
CP7635-3S0BGLOT -Left front
CP7635-2S0BGLOT -Right front

If you have the same part numbers written on your calipers, this is the part number you need to order the rebuild kit. Order one for each side:

Seal repair kit # CP4525-EH
Each kit includes:
Pressure seals x4
Boot seals x4
Bleed screw O/rings x2
Bleed screw caps x2
Re-sealing instructions

If you want to replace the pistons (Ø1.25” x 36mm) the AP part numbers are:
CP7635-106 (x2 per caliper)
CP5315-103 (x2 per caliper)

Now you can call up a AP Racing dealer and get what you need!
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