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4 fob limit questions

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So I'm guessing that the previous owner of my car has programmed 4 fobs at some point. The reason for this assumption is that when I program another fob, the other that I have no longer works. I've tried resync it and still nothing. I can program the non working one but I still end up with only 1 of 2 working. Does anyone know of a way around this?
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From my understanding, you have to program all of them at the same time. So if you are only doing one at a time, only one will work.
+1 Yes, all have to be done at the same time.
From my understanding, you have to program all of them at the same time. So if you are only doing one at a time, only one will work.
I've tried that as well and only 1 still works. I'll give it another shot and see though.
Start procedure with ignition on and the alarm DISARMED.
Press and hold both buttons on fob until FOB light stops flashing (about 10 seconds). Do this for all remotes to be programmed (Yes even the one that works because this will reset all to a new code). After this the light of the fob should stay on until after programming. This is the last step where the fob light matters, all else concerns the TACH light.
Turn ignition off and on three times fast (within a few seconds) stop in the off position The TACH light will illuminate for 3 seconds then go out.
Enter your alarm code as per the book. Basically turn on the ignition, count the number of flashes to correspond with the first number of the code and turn off the ignition. Do this for each number of the code. (I would suggest doing this first with the alarm ARMED to see if it DISARMS, that way you at least know you have the correct code and you are able to enter it correctly).
My technique for this that worked well was turn on ignition as fast as possible, wait for the light count, turn off ignition when light illuminated on the count of your number (don't wait for the light to go out-for some reason mine would disarm the alarm either way but worked better this way to program a new fob). Between code number entries turn ignition off and wait about a second (you can hear a click from the engine bay about a second after turning off the ignition). Then repeat above for each number of your code.
(Manual says if wrong number is entered wait 10 seconds then resume with 1st number of code but I would recommend starting over, unless you really feel lucky)
After the last number is entered and you turn off the ignition you have to turn the ignition back on and if all goes well (say a prayer to Colin if you made it this far) you should have a STEADY illuminated TACH light.
Press and hold the #1 (large) key fob button on one of the remotes until the TACH light goes out then comes back on.
Do this for each remaining fob, should be able to do a total of 4 per the book.
Each one should give the same indication as above.
Turn off the ignition and check each fob for function.
That should do it and by the way if it does not work don't fear I found that even after many unsuccessful, incorrect attempts, my original fob never lost its program and would still work.
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That was it, I did both at the same time. Thanks guys :)
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