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I know I live in Ohio now, but I am posting this here since all my Lotus family is in the Chicago, Wisconsin area.

I have 6 days left on this base! With dealing with mil air and the office I will not get home until July 2 but I will be happy to be where I don't have to wear shower shoes and smell like ass from the stinky water

I will make it up to the area for track days and possibly will make a drive or two. It is 5 hours just to Chicago and a hour to get to our meet points so do not expect too much activity from me.

I miss you all and hope I can see some of you during the summer. Our drives and the people have truly been the best of times that I will always cherish. I had never been involved with a group this active and it will be greatly missed.

Many of you I can call friend and that means the most to me.

Drive fast, take chances, and watch out for naked men with sticks.....


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Welcome back to the states. We appreciate your service and the sacrifices you make (not being able to drive Lotus for one).
Enjoy the car and post your track videos ?

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