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Plug and play harness coonector

well most people are not aware there is a harness behind the the headlamps in the fender, with a water tight connector, and that is the connector that is the harness. you can "plug and play" directly into that harness with a "plug and play" harness connector like you would with a radio upgrade.., and not do a circuitous and small gauge wire at the bulb crimp connector.

the only reason i say is because i had to fix a friends that had a bad connection due to "splicing" the HID into the bulb crimp connector. (mine are plugged into the harness connector with a ballast pig tail) but can work fine if done right. the wire is smaller gauge than would be ideal though. the wire at the plug in the harness is higher gauge. and i have the higher gauge all the way to the ballast.
Source of "plug and play" harness connector ??

241 - 241 of 241 Posts