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$7,000 to order car at Galpin

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Has anyone put down the 7k Galpin wants to order a car yet?
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Hell I'd put down the full $50k if they could get me a car sometime in the next six months..
If anyone has, it'll be Sownman.
Gromit said:
If anyone has, it'll be Sownman.
Not me. I spent the last couple days working on my website
and picking out and ordering the TYPE 111 plate.

I've got about 4 color combos that would thrill me, and I may just take whatever Galpin comes up with, even those Aztec Bronze photos don't look so bad.

Silver Star won't let me drive the demo (or anyone else either)
and has not discussed taking my order.

I've got my order in at Steve Harris since March but they can't even tell Adamant when to expect his car #1 and I'm 24 slots behind him.

Last week I tried to get confirmation from Lotus that Galpin really is a dealer. The receptionist said "No, but there is something in the works" Gary Hagen didn't return the voicemail I left.

I've just settled back into a who cares mode again. It's easier that way. If my car never comes maybe I'll sell the TYPE 111 plate on Ebay :D

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Sownman, I feel bad for you. (We need a :cry: smilie) :shrug:
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