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8" 2bular and Clam Hinge

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I tried installing a clam hinge along with a 2bular header and decat. My 8" 2bular exhaust is crashing into the rear panel delete and the tip crashes into clam when it tilts. Do I need to go with a BOE exhaust?
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BOE will work..I have the Tubular 8" but mine was made with a removable/adjustable tip. I actually have a BOE tip now that does not have to be removed for a tilt but have the option to go back to my original tip as well.

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high exit? Can you just trim/modify the tip?

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On the big exhausts that could touch:

A few suggestions

-Loosen the exhaust mounting and try to rotate/cheat it forward.
-If the above doesn't work, add new mounting holes in the diffuser that will provide for the rear panel to be mounted further back on the diffuser. You can obviously perfect the mounting if you use this strategy.
-Regarding the tips, some of the bling tips just stick out too far. Only so much movement can be dialed into the hinge mechanism. LotusF1 was smart to have his tip removable. Perhaps modifying the muffler in such a way would be a good plan of attack.
-Swap to one of our exhausts :)

Hope that helps,


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All 2bular 8" Re-Packs have removable tip/pipework - makes the re-packing job easier. I use a V-band connector for safe/sealed connector.

If you need more clearance behind the rear grilles - use the off-set end-cap (on the left!), to push more of the silencer inboard.

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