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Who: Confirmed Guest ONLY
What: Sunday EVENING Drive
When: Sunday evening August 30th ( 6pm - TBD )
Where: Sanger/Muenster

Etc: So, I tagged along with some really great guys last night to try out being a "follower" instead of a "leader" ( When it comes to drives that is ) they were mostly members of the local S2000 club. We were tagging along in the Lotus and had a great time.

What it did was, remind me of the route I have taken in the past ( Read: 5 years ago + ) that heads West from Sanger and ends up North at the border for food. Anyways, I was introduced to a great "new-to-me road" that has to be seen!

Anyways, back on track... I am going to borrow their idea of starting later in the evening, making Saint Jo as the sun is coming down and end up at " The Bridge " in time to make a few runs back and forth ( you will understand once you see it ) and then to Muenster in time to see those HUGE windmills and a quick bite to eat. I would expect to be back in DFW by 9pm +/- , but it will be worth it!

Anyways, I am limiting it to 10 cars, though I may be open to more depending on the replies...



p.s. This may be a faster paced drive, though we passed all of (1) ONE vehicle the entire night on the entire route! Oh and did I mention the photo Op's ?
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