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84 esprit gauge removal

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I need to get behind the speedo, tach, and other centre do I get behind there/remove those gauges? I can get the 2 side instrument panels off easily with 2 screws, but how do I access behind centre cluster???
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You will need to pull the binnacle. Its about a two hour job and its best if you remove the steering wheel first. There are four bolts (under dash) that hold it in and you will see electrical and other connections that need to be disconnected once you get those loose. Its not a hard job just don't be in a rush!

Not sure how applicable my 88 Esprit dash pod removal, but here is my post with a URL to my YouTube video that shows the removal of the dash pod.
The '88 binnacle comes out easier than the G-cars. The G has a flat windshield which allows less room...hence the recommendation to remove the steering wheel.
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