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I'm getting my car a little less track-centric now so I'm putting my stiffer engine mounts up for sale. Excellent condition. These are the stiffer front and rear 85A engine mounts by Innovative Mounts and I got these from S111 last year.

A warning - you will definitely feel the difference immediately :evil: At idle if there is anything remotely loose in your car it will vibrate. The frame of the car vibrates, things you never knew were in the car vibrate. But, as soon as you take off and the RPMs rise, the resonance stops and everything feels tighter and connected. It's hard to explain but its incredible. I just went for a drive after putting the stock mounts back on and I'm seriously thinking it's worth it to spend the 3 hours swapping mounts just for the feel each time you go to the track.

$200 shipped anywhere in the lower 48.



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