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I’m looking to use run flat tires ( apologies but let’s save the heresy discussion for later )

Issue: the widest tire I am constrained by the 16x7 BBS Mahle wheel ET 11 is 215/55-16 (OEM is 235/60-15). That’s 20mm narrower.

Narrower tire will result in oversteer (if OEM offset of ET -20 maintained.

But - if I create a wheel adapter of 20 + 11 (wheel ET) + 10 ( 1/2 of the 20mm narrower tire), that means:

1. Outer tire edge is exactly where the OEM tire would be rear-track-wise
2. Inner tire edge is narrower and 20mm further away from car center.
3. Rear track is the same; contact patch is 20mm shorter on each side.


1. Did I reduce the oversteer possibility moving the offset out 10mm?
2. What handling issue do I introduce with with this combination of skinnier tire maintaining rear track?

Cosmetically I’m less concerned about the skinny tire look. I have 245/45-17 currently.

Part of me said mucking with suspension geometry is bad but I’m trying to compromise. because my available wheel choice is 16x7 and if I had 16x8, it would be easier solution.

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