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I know this isn't the perfect forum for this, but this is where all the traffic is. ;)

I was at Albertsons (grocery store) last night, waiting in line. As I'm waiting, I notice a little stand with a bunch of toy cars that weren't in boxes. I'm guessing these to be 1:24th scale - they're almost as big as my hand.

So, i'm looking over the cars, and think to myself "man, that would be funny if they had an Elise in here".

Sure enough, there was 7-8 S2-style Elises in there. Blue, yellow, green, and red. For only NINE bucks a piece.

If you have Albertsons in your area, go look around the registers. I would assume mine isn't the only one with these models. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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