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For the longest time and the biggest waste of time I was 2nd. in line for the esprit se 1990.

The Owner was in absolute dismay about the first interested buyer that wouldn't give him anything very concrete to go by as in the PURCHASE !

I wanted this car and the owner was supposed to let me know about his erratic communication with the other party.
He stated that if the 'interested party ' doesn't communicate with him in a certain time frame, he will acknowledge my offer.

Finally after a few months of waiting, the advert goes nigh! And the damn pre owner doesn't have the decency to let me know.
AND , we had a good repport.

At least I wish these owners of the cars would have the decency to let wanting buyers to know they have soldings.!
Anyone know this prior owner from Saskatchewan-sophisticated place I'm sure- AND ANYONE KNOW OF THE NEW OWNER.
MY RANT and frustration.
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