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Ok, before I start, let me state this as clear as possible:

This car is A PROJECT CAR and is going to require a lot of work to get it race worthy

Now that that's out of the way, let me start with the information. I'm selling this car for a friend (my roommate) and am doing all of the legwork up front to try to find a buyer.

Reason for starting project: The MR2 is a GREAT platform to start with as a race car. He started buying top of the line parts when he was overseas in Afghanistan having high hopes for an awesome track car.

Reason for selling project: Lack of time and space has caused him to re-think tackling this large project.

Car: 1991 Toyota MR2 (normally aspirated)
Color: Red
Mileage on chassis: 165k
Drive train Condition: 6/10 - Running on stock 5SFE (poorly)... this shouldn't matter since whoever picks this up probably won't be running the 5SFE... we left it in there so you can still move it around
Exterior condition: 7/10 - No rust, no accidents. Arizona sun has caused the paint to start fading

Now... onto the good stuff... :D

Modifications (none installed)


- JDM 3VZ-FE engine (V6)
- 3VZ-FE engine harness
- 3VZ-FE air flow meter, ECU, engine harness, and gauge cluster
- Custom straight pipe exhaust (sounds sweet)
- New engine stand
- Winch


- KW V3 coilovers :)eek: these are a $2500 set!)
- TwosRUs polyurethane bushings
- TwosRUs balljoint/tie-rod combination
- TRD sway bars (front and rear)
- TEIN camber adjustible pillow ball mounts
- FullRace traction bars (!!!)
- Sway bar braces (mandatory for stiff suspension'd MR2s)
- High and Tight end links
- Custom built rear tower strut brace
- 93 turbo rear knuckles and hubs

Other go-fast parts:

- Kosei K1 wheels (staggered, MR2 fitment)
- New spare rotors (front only)
- Braided brake lines

Other stuff:

- New OEM bearings, bushings, wheel lugs, etc
- All interior parts
- Spare OEM parts

Here's what he has into it:

MR2: $4000.00
Aftermarket parts: $7000.00 (have all receipts)
Trailer: $2700.00

Total: $13,700.00 spent

He's willing to take $7500.00 OBO for the entire package. You can pull up with your truck, connect it to the trailer, and come home with a freakin' SWEET package.

I know there is a ton of top of the line parts and we'd get a lot more if we parted it back out... but he wants it gone soon so I'd rather sell it as a package deal. So that being said, no part outs, and no trades.

Picture time:

If you're interested I have lots of high-res pictures found here:

Index of /91_mr2

Please post here or PM me if you're interested.


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Free bump from a fellow MR2 guy. As much as I'd love to do a V6 MR2, I already got 2, and no time for a 3rd...
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