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I've owned my 1993 Lotus Esprit SE for five years. It is my dream car and I have wanted for nothing else before acquiring it, and nothing else since. I bought it when I was 24, now I'm 29 and I'd like it to actually work- really work- for once before my interests shift towards starting a family or something that actually makes sense.

In these years, I've put about 4k miles on it, and zero of them have been totally, 100% correct. I've gotten a few quick glimpses of its potential before it turns into a total dog again, remembering the awesome moments keep me chasing after having a working car. I separate things in to pre and post engine rebuild eras, obviously now I'm in post-rebuild. Total rebuild, was done by a very reputable shop, but I am now out of warranty. I currently do not have the $7000-12,000 to rebuild the motor a second time if that is the case. I will have to wait until I can afford it again if it is.

I've replaced the turbo, a legendary shop did the full engine rebuild, fuel pump, fuel injectors rebuilt, numerous smaller components.

In dubious anticipation of actually having a perfectly running Esprit, I got one of those fancy-pants turbos from PUK, and a fancy-pants racing Exhaust from ATS Racing.

The car is:
-Smoking very much white/bluegrey, smoking off and on like it's on a thermostat, it is not coolant, smells heavily of oil.
-Throttle response is poor, worse when warmed up, stumbles under load.
-Burning tremendous amounts of oil. it's sometimes fine, then it'll just get a bad mood and plumes will be coming out of the exhaust, when I get home after an embarrassing drive, oil is low. Not spilling a drop from anywhere, though. It has NEVER spilled a drop from anywhere.
-Overall running rough
-fuel economy is very poor.
-backfires often (this may be because I am running no cat and does not particularly bother me)
-Oil pressure gauge shows fairly low when hot, might be a TADTS.

The idea of a proper running Esprit has become a myth to me at this point.

My next move is to hook it up to Freescan tomorrow. I would just like to know what in the hell is going on, not asking for something as reliable as my MR2. Just my Esprit at its full potential on one awesome summer trip Portland OR on Highway 26, coast and back, a happy engine and lots of turbo sounds is all I want.

It can go up in flames after.
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