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I thought I had posted this a few days ago, but evidently I did something wrong so here goes again.

I bought my 99 Esprit V8 in 2005. Car had 22.3K (Lotus of Greenwich) replaced belt at that time. Car currently has 35.4K miles on it and has resided in very dry garage with temps that never dipped below 48 degrees. With 13K miles on the belt but, perhaps more importantly 14 years, is it time to replace it.....if so, does that mean that the cam belts are to be replaced as well? What would be a reasonable cost for such a job?

The alternator has apparently given up. Should I have the shop that will replace it (and the belts at the same time if required) send the original out for refurbishment, or should I get a refurbished unit from JAE at $450 plus shipping, or should I attempt to have the shop replace the original with a 01 Cadillac Catera unit which requires "fettling"?

Any help would be most appreciated.

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