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A bit cold in Alabama

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Alabama ice storm 2014


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It's like -30 windchill in Chicago.

Even the ice would have ice on it here.

I effin' hate winter. But then again, so much for an Alabama Getaway!
It was is actually -15F this morning not wind chill. But now it has warmed up it is now -8F with wind chill-45F. I need to go to Chicago to warm up. Heaters in garage can't keep up no winter project today.
Alabama ice storm 2014
It's a bit chilly in Florida, it's freezing everywhere else!! BTW you stole my wing :p :)
It's only +7c (45F) with drizzle up here today. The sun is expected to return on Friday, just in time for some weekend driving. :shift:
I had to drive so slowly on my way home the icicles on the wing didn't break off. Took 1.5 hours to drive 10 miles.
It's been mostly below zero here for several weeks. I just bought more long underwear. :(
Warmed up nice today!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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