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OK, so well, my car is at HRM!

Its gonna get Armor Fend and LoJack (I *DO* live in NJ, one of the car theft leaders).

Anyway, short version of sad story is that I will pick it up next Saturday (1 Week from today!)

I decided to give GEICO a try (poor guys are now supplying us New Jerseyites insurance). First, I was able to cut my insurance on my two commuter mobiles in 1/2 half!! But the sales guy could not find Lotus in the database and kept saying they couldn't do it.

But I went in over the web and submitted the Lotus that way and about 1 hr later, they insured it. Its gonna cost me $673.70 for 6 Months. (I DO live in NJ etc.).

But between the rate reduction on the commuter mobiles and the insurance on the Lotus I come out about even! Hip, Hip Hurrah!

So if GEICO tells you no at first, just keep after them.


31% of all vehicle owners don't lock their doors.
80% of the vehicles that were stolen were left unlocked
11% of owners admit that they sometimes leave their keys in the ignition
40% of all car thefts actually had the keys in the ignition.

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