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Hi all! first off I'm new here and would like to tell everyone hello!
I am the proud owner of a 1985 Turbo Esprit.
I have just been trying to get the A/C back in shape after a major restoration.
Had everything working when the line from the Condenser to the dryer started leaking very badly. Anyway I pulled the condenser (still cannot get the red line loose) and I need a suggestion on who to send the condenser to to be refurbished.
I need it flushed, pressure tested for leaks, the blow out (over pressure) value tested, the hose removed ( the bad one) and a new one made with flare fittings. Or would it be better to just put in a new everything? If so can someone suggest a supplier?

I'd rather refurbish this one if possible but I need a good shop to redo the condenser and hose etc. I donot want to do this job twice. It's no fun!

Here is a picture of condenser out of car.

Thanxs All.



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